Models and Ideas

Below are some ideas for things you can create for this art project or in the future!

Sneak Peek:


You can create flipbooks with math facts (or anything else you wish) like this flipbook with doubles facts from 1 to 5. I used black markers for the outlines and color pens for the coloring.


You can create a picture of yourself in Romero Britto’s style. It was made on a green post-it. You can do something like this when you need to regroup or calm down. This is a great thing to do when you are feeling overwhelmed and you need some time to let your mind rest. I find that this is also a great thing to do when you’re feeling upset. If you use bright colors and make your portrait look happy, it might make you feel better and soothe you. I used black markers for the outlines and regular markers for the rest. I used color pens on two sections.


Would you like to create a nice birthday or valentines card? This is an example of something you can create. You can give it to someone special who will appreciate all the work you put into it. I drew an apple as the center image because I’m a teacher and it represents a side of myself. I used black markers for the outlines then colors for the insides.


You can create bigger art works that you can hang on the walls as well. I chose the word passion because I’m a very passionate person. You too can create various art works that describe you. Explore all the possibilities and reflect on what words or things describe you the most and why. I used black markers for the outlines and colors for the coloring.


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