Reasoning For This Lesson

I decided to do this lesson on Romero Britto because I am fascinated by his work. It is colorful, vivid, modern and very appealing. I certainly think the students will love to learn about this particular artist and create their own projects. The content of some of his work is familiar to the students and they have a lot of freedom to create whatever they want, to express their thoughts and ideas in a variety of ways. I also think that it is important to use this artist to talk about pop art and graffiti two of the three art movements Romero has incorporated into his work. By discussing the two movements then how to someone as successful as Romero has combined them and made it into his own unique style, the students will hopefully feel motivated to learn more about art and different ways that they can incorporate these movements and styles into their own projects and their own art work outside of the classroom.

I also specifically chose Romero Britto because Romero was a self-taught artist who would paint and create art on whatever empty and available surface he could find. He drew on postcards, index cards, newspapers whenever the inspiration struck him. Thus, the students can learn that they too can explore their artistic side and use whatever tools they have at hand to be creative. It is a valuable lesson for most students who uphold the misconception that art needs to look a certain way or needs to be created in a specific setting. With all the testing the students must go through, I want to make sure that the students still feel that they can think outside the box and be adventurous and express themselves in creative ways. Schools should not be the place where we kill the students’ creativity, it should be the place wherein we reinforce it and bring it out to the surface at all possible times.  

Thus, the essential question for this lesson is: How can we combine elements of pop art and graffiti in one project?